Welcome to KidCommute

KidCommute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to promoting sustainable communities
through our Boltage program, which encourages kids to walk and bike to school.

Most of us are well aware of the looming crisis related to childhood obesity and the environment. These are complex systemic problems that won't be solved with a magic bullet. We need to attack these challenges from every angle: science, technology, public policy, infrastructure, education and lifestyle. Boltage is focused on lifestyle.

Our goal is to utilize some of the same tools used by business, like marketing, technology and branding, to help change habits. We believe that if marketing can convince people to adopt bad habits (think smoking, fast food and SUVs), we can convince people to adopt good habits that will improve their health, and the health of the planet.

Boltage uses an innovative combination of technology and sociology to make active transportation to school a daily habit - not just an occasional special event. By using technology to measure daily results, and reinforcing repetitive behavior with thoughtful incentives, we can help make walking and biking to school a way of life. We have seen our impact extend beyond just commuting to school - we can help foster new family norms. Just as kids led the way with seat belt use and recycling, they can lead the way toward more healthy and sustainable transportation choices.

Boltage won't solve the childhood obesity and environmental crisis alone - but it is one of the only efforts that addresses a critical root problem: the social influences that impact our collective lifestyle.

To learn more, visit the Boltage website here >   www.boltage.org