So what's with the flying bunny?

In order to win the hearts and minds of kids, we need to connect with them. We developed "Boltage" brand to make the program cool for kids, and compete with the sophisticated marketing and media that fill our kids lives these days.

The Boltage Story

Boltage is the leader of the League of Incredible Thunder Bunnies. Boltage was born when a strange purple lightning bolt struck the north pole at midnight during a full eclipse of the moon. New Thunder Bunnies are born every time a lightning bolt strikes at exactly midnight. No one knows how many Thunder Bunnies exist - some say there are thousands - but they are only visible to kids.

Their mission is to save the planet from the evils of being lazy. The League of Incredible Thunder Bunnies have agreed to accept kids into their ranks - but only if they prove themselves worthy by walking and biking to school. Kids can attain higher rank in the League by progressing through the Zap Levels - each representing greater numbers of kid powered trips to school.

Kids who are Members of the League can be identified by the Mark of the Thunder Bunny. It can be found on t-shirts, tattoos, stickers and other kid stuff. Displaying the Mark is an honor that can only be earned - everyone is welcome to join, but only the most dedicated can rise to the highest Zap Levels.



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